A great traveler in front of the eternal, Lukas Duno now travels through his eclectic pictorial universe to satiety in versatility is a chosen term that suits him perfectly: singer,musician, playwright, it is the brushes that finally took the power of his creativity. Literally inhabited by his works Lukas Duno is carried away by the initial impulse of a painting of evidence, made of fragility and strength always in connection with a latent humanism! This is how he seldom returns to a sketch, it becomes automatically definitive. He is surprised sometimes, takes a detached look at his work as outdated by his creation that he contemplates and flies over. Like an eternal visitor, he shows us his works as he shows himself without demonstrating himself. Here nothing scientific, it is the human who speaks without filter, who speaks to the other as a dialogue without words. The adventure continues, all sails out.

Olivier Barbet. Journalist

Exposition à partir de septembre 2019

45 quai François Miterrand
13600 La Ciotat
(parking de l’escalet Vieux-Port)